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BLOOM where you are PLANTED - LE Set


Last one available!

Introducing my new set "Bloom where you are planted"

Listing is for half pan set. Tin and swatch card are included!
The set contains 4 matte colors and 2 matte based shimmers:

* Salix - the hanging greens from a weeping willow
* Carnation - a pink carnation symbolizes gratitude
* Nightshade - one of my fave edible plant from this family is eggplant.
* Wild Poppy - in Dutch we call them 'Klaprozen' and we see them a lot in fields next to bike lanes. This is my fave magenta shade.
* Sakura Sparkle - the cherry blossom tree that just brights up the whole neighborhood. (shimmer)
* Peritwinkle - a little twist on a delicate flower that represents serenity and peace. (shimmer)
The colors are inspired by 'Victory Gardens' (aka Allotments / Community gardens) In condensed municipal arias these little garden plots are lively sight. I actually live pretty close to them in my city and love seeing all the blooms from Spring to Fall. These are the types of blooms I would love to have in such a garden, but alas I'm not gifted with a green thumb so I just enjoy them from afar (and just make colors based on them ;)

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