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Blue Suède - matte

4.50 - 7.50

NEW COLOR - available in half pan only at the moment.
A delicious Teal that separates into blue green hues. The color is inspired by my fave fountain pen ink by Private Reserve with the name Blue Suède. The ink company was a family run business that handmade inks and for some time the inks weren't available as the head of the company passed away. Recently though they have restarted and are making new inks! The old line has undergone a color shift & the color transitioned from a Green-Blue to Blue-Green. It's an enigmatic teal color and I wanted to make an hommage to this gorgeous ink that will always be a favorite in my teal blue-green heart. 💙💚
The splashes of color are made fresh from the slab after mulling (a mono print) and I spritzed some warm water over it. With the use of a lot of water you get to see the separation and granulation of the color better.