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Daughters of Triton - Dotcardset

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A set inspired by the Little Mermaid, my fave Disney movie ever.
The colors are inspired by their tails and imagined personalities.
These are 8 shimmering colors and Listed in order of the song:

Aquata (Bodacious Blue)
Andrina (Pretty in Pink)
Arista (Ravishing Red)
Attina (Optimistic Orange)
Adella (Mellow Yellow)
Alana (Magnetic Magenta)
Ariel (Enchanting Emerald)
The 8th color is King Triton which is Indigo with a heart of gold.

This listing is for the dotcard set. Empty Mermaid swatch postcard is included (and also a surprise color!) The mini set is available in a separate listing.

NB: Flat-rate shipping for dotcards sets/ Stickers is applicable if you only buy these items!

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