Image of Faux Postage - Totoro inspired

Faux Postage - Totoro inspired

5.00 - 7.50

This is a specialty extra item I made for the My Secret Garden set.
Faux postage aka Artist stamps are very popular in the snail mail world. I had made these originally years ago for my snail mail project when I was sending out Mail Art. They are scanned from my original pieces and printed on gummed labels for you to use as you please. You can cut them out and stick them to your envelopes postcards for snailmail or just use them in your art journals for decoration.
When you buy a My Secret Garden palette/dotcard, a sheet of these are included, but if you would like to have more or just these faux stamps, you have the option to do so :)

Just to make sure> these are not real postage stamps! So if you do use them on your happy snail mail to send out, please do affix the correct amount of postage in your countries official postage before sending out :)

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