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Trick or Treat Lucky dip Goodie bags!!


These Mystery Parcels have 4 fully filled half pans and are an even mix of mica and matte colors.
And 2 of them have been released, but 2 of them have not been. One color was especially made for this Halloween Trick or Treat bag!! The other color is a test color I made for a particular set, but have decided to go with another hue.
The colors within a bag are different, however this time around there is a huge chance that if you buy multiple bags, you'll get double colors! However, one to keep and one to give to a friend will be less of a difficult choice ;)

The parcel also contains a micro journal A8, with either a Lotus Or Dragonfly cover, bound with Thalens Van Gogh mixed media paper 25% cotton 200gsm (8 pages, 16 sides), Ultra Violet Specter dotcard, Emily the strange postcard, exclusive sticker from my Ambassador Etsuko Draws on instagram, Totoro Faux postage 5 pack, and a some yummy seasonal Dutch treats!

Everything will come packaged / wrapped in a glassine bag, to create a vintage candy treat feel :)
Content of the bags value around 45€ but is now 1/2 the price! Great way to try my paints if you were wondering about them.

Only 13 available at this time. One parcel will have a 3D prototype lotus pan :)

NB: NONE of the current Tabula Rasa or Padme's Jewel lotus pans colors are in there.

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