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Padme's Jewel - Lotus pan set


'Padme's Jewel' Palette. The colors of the set have been in my heart and mind for a while and I'm so happy to be finally sharing it with you. Padme means Lotus in Sanskrit, and the Lotus has a very special meaning in Buddhist traditions. It's a sacred flower and it's part of my logo because of what it also means to me personally.

* This palettes has 5 colors. Four of the colors in the set are inspired by the 4 immeasurables in Buddhism (also known as the 4 infinite minds - if you are curious about it definitely look it up on wikipedia).
The 5th color (in the middle) is the insight/wisdom that lies within the practice of these infinite minds.
* Color names in order of the swatch are:
▪️Carnation pink - Metta (which stands for loving kindness)
▪️Peachy Orange - Karuna (Compassion)
▪️Sky blue/green shimmer - Prajna (insight/wisdom)
▪️Golden earth - Mudita (Empathetic Joy)
▪️Purple Violet/ blue shimmer - Upekkha (Equanimity)

Prajna and Uphekka are stamped with the buddha in my logo.
The little 'Padme pearls' are filled with a color that represents the lotus. There will be one little jewel included in the set as a gift from us.

The pans are custom made and 3d Printed by Laurens from Dirty Blue on Instagram.

NB: Due to the delicate nature of the filling and stamping process, these top layers need to dry firmly before sending. These sets will be shipped by the 2nd week of september.

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