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Tiny Mega Mix - Brights


This watercolor selection is bright and cheery!
It contains 12 tiny pans and has a mix of 4 shimmers, 4 matte based shimmers & 4 mattes of my handmade watercolor paints to try out.

Initially I made these colors to have a few well loved colors on hand and I just wanted a pocket sized bag of supplies in my already overfilled purse.

Some colors are new, and some have been released before, perfect also if you are new to my colors and want to try them out.

The colors are (left to right, top to bottom)
Greenlandic Waters, Sargasso Sea, Blue Jasmine (new) and Arctic Ice (never released, but was in dot cards)
Matte based shimmers:
Lilac, Buttercup, Wisteria (new), Vintage Lipstick (new)
Kali, Wild Poppy, Amber (new), Karuna

Tin & Swatch are included!
A tiny pan holds about 0.6 ml of paint.
Every little pocket set will come with a tiny A 10 sketchbook tucked inside :)

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